Investing in startups is trending; because this is where you can get Outsized Return!

Imagine if you had invested just $10,000 in Apple, when it went IPO, you’d be a million dollars richer just from that investment according to the IPO Playbook.

Apple‘s rise in the stock value between 2002 and 2012 alone was 4,581.7%! Imagine if you had invested in Apple long before the IPO?

That’s how startups are the best investment opportunities. But the million dollar question is how to generate outsized returns? Though, there are best practices to follow when investing in startup ventures; before making money, it is likely that you will lose a bunch!

We discover startups that are making buzz around, and our list of filtered startups can help you find the best investment opportunities.

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Invest in Promising Startups

Funding is one of the biggest challenge entrepreneurship is facing today. Thousands of innovative business ideas cannot make it happen, because they lack resources. On the other hand, wealth inequality is increasing! Let's help build more businesses; Invest in what you believe!


Invest in the products you love.

Invest in the vision that can change the world.

Invest to break the corporate monopoly.

Invest in what you believe.

How to Generate Outsized Returns on Startup Investment?

Investing in early-stage startups is trending; and there’s no such thing as a formula for success; however, let’s talk about best practices to minimize the risk and increase possibilities of outsized returns:


Step 1: Research

Keep an eye on latest technologies, innovations, startups making buzz around and how users are responding to innovation.

Step 2: Filter Ideas

Watch potentially profitable startups closely and analyze what value an idea is delivering and what's its future.

Step 3: Consider Risk

Investigate the opportunities from various angles; you cannot avoid risks, but you can minimize potential risks!

Step 4: Respond Faster

The most important part is to take timely action and invest in a startup at right time; delays never give better ROI.

We know, it's time consuming and your time is highly valuable.......

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